A cargo container shipped between a seller and a buyer is locked by mechanical seals that establish tangible proof of container integrity. They are regularly visually controlled during transportation. With regard to the growing volume of goods being moved around, this labour-intensive surveillance activity is, in practice, not perfect. Many actors report stealth theft happening during a transportation that are only discovered and reported by the customer at the end of the container journey. It is then the duty of custom services, polices, and law courts to define responsibilities. Lawsuit is a painful activity for companies that have to be sustained during many years to see theft recognized and have insurance companies actually cover losses.


ioSeal is an electronic alarm system for cargo containers. It aims at providing tangible data regarding their closing, opening or tampering. It automatically transmits date, time and location for any closing or opening of cargo containers. It also provides low rate location tracking thanks to its integrated GNSS receiver. This low data rate allows the small device to sustain up to 6 weeks of multi-modal cargo container transportation.

How it works

The system is being attached to any cargo container, thanks to ISO 17712 compulsory cable seal without any physical modification of the container itself. An electrical loop is established with a secondary cable then the system starts to locate itself and to log data. When GSM network is available, it transmits all collected data thus providing tangible information to the owner of the goods.

If any abnormal event occurs during the transportation, the system immediately transmits an alert.

At the end of the journey, the ISO 17712 seal is destroyed and the ioSeal sensor is removed from the container. It then transmits its last log and finally shut-down.

Customer can then get its alarm system back, recharge its battery and re-use the system during several years. Initial investment costs can then be amortized over numerous cargo container journeys.

Complete data set is then available for detailed analysis on our website. Customer can download detailed reports.


  • Collect tangible data helping to establish location and date of cargo container tampering,
  • Small and low-cost system,
  • Designed to be fixed to the cargo container thanks to compulsory ISO 17712 high security cable seal,
  • No cargo container modification,
  • Up to 6 weeks of autonomy covering long range multi-modal cargo transportation,
  • Detailed data log report including maps are available on our website; see one sample report,
  • PDF abstract letter is produced for each journey and is ready to be provided to your business partners; see one sample letter.


GSM Network Coverage
Source: hologram.io


Data collection for your business available in multiple format:

  • PDF
  • XML
  • GPX

Services available soon

  • Android / iPhone application to set sensors parameters, collect data and organize sensor way back to you,
  • Reverse Logistics of your sensor back to your facility through UPS.
  • Data Interfaces for interconnecting your business with ioSeal